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How much more evidence is needed till we can say we are living under dictatorship?

October 16, 2010

This is becoming boring. How much more evidence do people need in order to realize what is happening?

As I pointed out in this prior post about Arar-vs-Ashcroft there comes a point when in order to insure its own survival, the state must willingly and deliberately trample the law.

Excerpts (emphasis added):

The Obama administration does not support a nationwide moratorium on foreclosures at this time, Federal Housing Administration Commissioner David Stevens said Sunday in an e-mail response to questions. “We believe freezing foreclosures for all banks in all states, whether we have reason to believe them to be in error or not, is simply not the prudent step to take in this fragile housing market,” he said.

Whether we believe them to be in error or not!!!

As in Arar-vs-Ashcroft where the state argued “[…] even if the government violated Arar’s Constitutional rights as well as statutes banning participation in torture, he still has no right to sue for what was done to him. ”

How much more clear can it be? The state is now above the law. Ergo, the rule of law has yet again been suspended.

We are now living in a dictatorship.

Dispute that if you can.