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Our Predicament In Numbers

August 10, 2012

Tony Robbins puts the numbers of our predicament in perspective. I came across this video via Mike Shedlock’s blog. Although Mr. Robbins does a spectacular job in helping you relate to the numbers we are talking about, he stops short of asking the obvious questions:

Who benefits?
Why do elected criminals allow this to happen?


I can only see deflation

March 20, 2011

Graph lifted from Zero Hedge: – courtesy of John Lohman.

I will grant you that even though we may have entered a deflationary cycle, the path is not yet clear due to the fact that various government interventions are generating conflicting signals in various sectors. So, yes, it is not a straight path down for assets or up for the Dollar or gold. Nonetheless, the trend is clear.

The key is the efficiency of the currency (i.e. the efficiency of debt).

Keynes misunderstood… (inflation as a deliberate tool of the state)

July 5, 2010

Hat tip to Zero Hedge

How a reasonable economic theory was subverted and strumentalised to justify excess spending and galactic budget deficits. The rationale for doing that? World hegemony one can only presume.

Inflation Seen as Nation’s Salvation

Includes a letter from Keynes to Roosevelt