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Global warming…

August 7, 2011

… yes, no, … anthropogenic, natural… bullshit, real…

NASA satellite data from the years 2000 through 2011 show the Earth’s atmosphere is allowing far more heat to be released into space than alarmist computer models have predicted, reports a new study in the peer-reviewed science journal Remote Sensing.

In 1988, a handful of the scientists who passionately believed in this theory won authorisation from the UN to set up the body known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This was the year when the scare over global warming really exploded into the headlines, thanks above all to the carefully staged testimony given to a US Senate Committee by Dr James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), also already an advocate for the theory that CO? was causing potentially catastrophic warming. […] One of the hockey stick’s biggest fans was Al Gore, who in 2006 made it the centrepiece of his Oscar-winning film, An Inconvenient Truth. But it then turned out that almost every single scientific claim in Gore’s film was either wildly exaggerated or wrong. The statistical methods used to create the hockey-stick graph were so devastatingly exposed by two Canadian statisticians, Steve McIntyre and Ross McKitrick (as was confirmed in 2006 by two expert panels commissioned by the US Congress) that the graph has become one of the most comprehensively discredited artefacts in the history of science.

And of course


Solar cycles (climate change)

February 24, 2011

Dutch Professor Cees de Jager, a prominent astronomer and solar expert, forcefully asserts that we the world is indeed entering for a long period of very low solar activity. The professor and his colleagues are certain Earth is heading for a “long Grand Minimum”—defined as either a Solar Wolf-Gleissberg or a Maunder Minimum—”not shorter than a century.” His 2010 paper, “The forthcoming Grand Minimum of solar activity,” outlined the extended period of time that the diminished solar radiation would affect the Earth.”

Lest we forget

Magnetic polar shift causing massive global superstorms

February 13, 2011

Anthropogenic global warming and climate change… HA! Four hundred years since the Renaissance and the emergence of the scientific method and man’s unwavering belief that we are the center of the universe has yet to fade from our collective narcissistic minds. The really sad thing is that politicians know the sheeple all too well and they play us like fiddles to enrich themselves and their cronies like Obama and Gore tried to very recently –

The truth of course is that we are mere men and the thought that our puny actions might influence or alter universal cycles is nothing but an exercise in pathological delusion.

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples…

Now “it” is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world’s weather.

Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun’s magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet’s own magnetic field.”

The shifting of the magnetic pole is also affecting our daily lives:

And here is something interesting. For millennia the only fixed point in man’s existence has been the certainty that the sun always rises and follows regular and predictable cycles…. till this year that is….

Can the shifting of the magnetic pole have something to do with this?

Realities and costs of “green” energy

January 14, 2011

Evergreen Solar Inc. will eliminate 800 jobs in Massachusetts and shut its new factory at the former military base in Devens, just two years after it opened the massive facility to great fanfare and with about $58 million in taxpayer subsidies. The company announced yesterday that it will close the plant by the end of March, calling itself a victim of weak demand and competition from cheaper suppliers in China, where the government provides solar companies with generous subsidies.

Evergreen itself has a factory in Wuhan, China, built in collaboration with a Chinese company, Jiawei Solarchina Co. Ltd., and with money from a Chinese government investment fund. The company had previously said it would shift some production from Devens to the Wuhan plant but yesterday was the first time it said Devens would be closed.

You think subsidies using taxpayer’s money is not a big deal? Ok, then try this next one:

Over the past three weeks, with demand for power at record levels because of the freezing weather, there have been days when the contribution of our forests of wind turbines has been precisely nothing.

It gets better. As the temperature has plummeted, the turbines have had to be heated to prevent them seizing up. Consequently, they have been consuming more electricity than they generate.

This next one typifies the West’s tendency to reward failure and cronyism in order to implement expedient and often detrimental policy, all in the name of attaining their perceived right to their own version of the raison d’etat.

But it [carbon trading scheme] has been plagued by fraud, with Europol estimating that carbon trading criminals trying to play the system may have accounted for up to 90pc of all market activity in some European countries during 2009. Fraudulent traders mainly from Britain, France, Spain, Denmark and Holland pocketed an estimated €5bn. Carbon allowances are particularly susceptible to fraud because they are high value, intangible and easily moved between different countries.”

And what do we do with politicians that preside over failure of galactic proportions?

Aided by lax rules, the Danish emissions registry became the world’s largest, with 1256 registered permit traders, most of them fake. As one example, a registered trader used a London parking lot as his address. Following the discovery of the scam, some 1100 of these have been de-registered, leaving scant few traders in the Danish market.

The Danish Minister of Climate and Energy who oversaw the illusory growth in the carbon market, Connie Hedegaard, has since been promoted to the post of EU Climate Commissioner. She is now in Cancun, representing the EU’s interests and arguing for steps that the global community needs to take for the carbon industry to regain credibility.

Where exactly do you think this trend is taking us?

December 26, 2010

Both houses of the US Congress unanimously passed a bill authorizing $725 billion for next year’s Defense Department budget.”

Largest military budget since WWII

Carl Conetta, co-director of the Project on Defense Alternatives, earlier this year estimated the 2010 U.S. defense budget to constitute 47 percent of total worldwide military expenditures and to amount to 19 percent of all American federal spending. […]

the 2011 Pentagon budget will mark a milestone in that “the inflation-adjusted rise in spending since 1998 will probably exceed 100% in real terms by the end of the fiscal year.

“Taking the 2011 budget into account, the Defense Department has been given about $7.2 trillion since 1998, when the post-Cold War decline in defense spending ended. Approximately $2.5 trillion of this total is due to spending above the annual level set in 1998. This added amount constitutes the post-1998 spending surge.”

Based on constant 2010 dollars, Conetta further details that the Ronald Reagan administration spent $4.1 trillion on the Defense Department, the Georgia W. Bush administration spent $4.65 trillion and “Barack Obama plans to spend more than $5 trillion.”

Still harboring doubts are you?

The 2010 budget is a full 50% higher than in 2009… 50% higher….


And just as a reminder:


Durable Goods Shipments


Sometimes, the power elite does lose a battle…

August 15, 2010

… but it is only a battle…

New job losses would not ordinarily qualify as good news, but Reuters reports that a lack of Senate action on cap-and-trade legislation is forcing the Chicago Climate Exchange to lay off about half of its remaining “really talented” 50-employee staff. […] The biggest losers have been CCX’s two biggest investors — Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management and Goldman Sachs — and President Obama, who helped launch CCX with funding from the Joyce Foundation, where he and presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett once sat on the board of directors.

UN wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters

January 24, 2010

More oh hum…!!!

It [the IPCC] based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny — and ignored warnings from scientific advisers that the evidence supporting the link too weak. The report’s own authors later withdrew the claim because they felt the evidence was not strong enough.

Gaffaw!! Oooops!

I expect no better from anything United Nations.

UN report on glaciers melting is based on speculation

January 19, 2010

Oh hum!


He said that Dr Hasnain made the assertion about 2035 but admitted it was campaigning report rather than an academic paper that was reviewed by a panel of expert peers.

Despite this it rapidly became a key source for the IPCC when Prof Lal and his colleagues came to write the section on the Himalayas.

Flashback 1880s, 1920s, 1970s: Global Cooling (Time magazine and the main stream press)

December 30, 2009

Not so long ago we worried about global cooling…,9171,944914,00.html

Excerpt (emphasis added)

As they review the bizarre and unpredictable weather pattern of the past several years, a growing number of scientists are beginning to suspect that many seemingly contradictory meteorological fluctuations are actually part of a global climatic upheaval. However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age. Telltale signs are everywhere —from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around Iceland to the southward migration of a warmth-loving creature like the armadillo from the Midwest.Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7° F. Although that figure is at best an estimate, it is supported by other convincing data. When Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory and his wife Helena analyzed satellite weather data for the Northern Hemisphere, they found that the area of the ice and snow cover had suddenly increased by 12% in 1971 and the increase has persisted ever since. Areas of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, for example, were once totally free of any snow in summer; now they are covered year round.”

Anyway, if you kept up with developments, Global Warming is no longer the issue. Today, the issue is Climate Change. But why is climate change an issue today? If climate change is an issue today, does it mean that climate has never changed in the past few million years or does it mean that even though climate changed throughout the ages, it is only today that it is a problem?

Sooo many questions… so few rational answers.

Can we really rely on the predictions of eggspurts (experts)?

But even earlier than the 70s, the media were still getting their knickers in a twist over the climate…

Climate Change and the media 1880 – today

A tale of man’s hysterical inclinations and our innate, if obtuse, habit of dramatizing marginally significant events and extrapolating present trends into predictions of future facts. Seriously folks, meteorologists can barely predict weather 24 hours in advance and they want us to believe they can predict mean temperature shifts of two degrees over 100 years?

Excerpts – (but read the article as it has fascinating references to media articles dating back to the beginning of the last century.)

“Following the ice age threats from the late 1800s, fears of an imminent and icy catastrophe were compounded in the 1920s by Arctic explorer Donald MacMillan and an obsession with the news of his polar expedition. As the Times put it on Feb. 24, 1895, “Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again.”

Those concerns lasted well into the late 1920s. But when the earth’s surface warmed less than half a degree, newspapers and magazines responded with stories about the new threat. Once again the Times was out in front, cautioning “the earth is steadily growing warmer.”

After a while, that second phase of climate cautions began to fade. By 1954, Fortune magazine was warming to another cooling trend and ran an article titled “Climate – the Heat May Be Off.” As the United States and the old Soviet Union faced off, the media joined them with reports of a more dangerous Cold War of Man vs. Nature.

The New York Times ran warming stories into the late 1950s, but it too came around to the new fears. Just three decades ago, in 1975, the paper reported: “A Major Cooling Widely Considered to Be Inevitable. That trend, too, cooled off and was replaced by the current era of reporting on the dangers of global warming. Just six years later, on Aug. 22, 1981, the Times quoted seven government atmospheric scientists who predicted global warming of an “almost unprecedented magnitude.”

Conservationists hope a hot summer will rescue British butterflies

December 27, 2009

… and this, may I remind you, in the midst of frenetic government propaganda about global warming…


“Cooler conditions makes it harder for them to become active [and get on with mating].”