I used to rant on Facebook for a few months till the one person that apparently reads what I write suggested I start a blog to make it easier for him to check in and keep up with what I say … to which I could only say: whatever. So when for an extended period of weeks I seemed to be unable to log-0n or add any commentary to Facebook, I started this blog.

My pet peeve is our monetary system. I am dismayed at the fact that even “professionals” in the field of banking and finance are ignorant as to what a monetary system may be or, indeed, what the ramifications of adopting one system over another may be. When questioned, some will say we in the West run a capitalist economy; others will say we adopt a free market approach; still others will say that the USA are on a Dollar monetary system, the UK on a Pound Sterling monetary system and Europe on a Euro monetary system. Few, if any, know what “fiat money” is and how both our monetary system and the management of it are not part of the democratic process. Furthermore, not only is our monetary system imposed unilaterally and arbitrarily by government but government also retains the right to manage interest rates by mandate.

It is the aim of this blog to highlight the relationships between the monetary system and the socio/economic choices it dictates to society particularly in a democratic context.

On a more personal note, I am an Italian national currently residing in the Middle East with domiciles in the UK and Europe. Every now and again, I’ll also add to this blog some of my favorite pasta recipes… you know… just to lighten the mood…

This blog began around February 2009

(Western politicians seem to be forever waiting for spine donors because they surely aren’t growing any themselves – adapted from a quote by Frasier Crane )

8 Responses to “About”

  1. Roger Glyndwr Lewis Says:

    Hi Guido, hope life is treating you well just dropped by for a draught of reality Absurd style. Always a pleasure to come and take a tipple on my favourite financial plonk.

    • guidoamm Says:

      Hey Roger… still around of course but nothing new to say… I get to talk with several members of the UN, foreign correspondents, anthropologists, economists, entrepreneurs and embassy employees from various nations…. none are aware of the bigger picture. Everyone is still engrossed in their daily life and the bigger picture completely escapes them… We are still on track for a war of major proportions and for the obliteration of South and South East Asia’s infrastructure and industrial capacity (the two events are not necessarily related). Honoured that you should be checking in. I trust your debates are going well and strong…

  2. Rick Says:

    Hi Guido:

    I have been reading your blog for months and boy, do you have a handle on the actual mechanics of the problem. That is the debt based monetary system that exists in all countries. Some people claim that the Fed and other central banks around the world are inept and can never do anything right.

    Well I say it’s bigger and much more sinister than that. A group of these bankings families have been working toward global control of the various governments and their monetary systems for over 3 hunderd years. Technology and communication have enabled the last 100 years of sucess.
    The United Nations is the proto new world government. They even write 2300 page laws for congressman just like they do in the UN.

    They find any reason to spend money. I mean large amounts of money, wars, foreign aid, entitlements. It all ends in crushing debt.

    But here’s the kicker, They want to save the planet, environmentaly, so no nukes allowed. And when the time comes (2012 self fulfilling prophecy). They believe that to save the planet they will have to reduce the population by about 6.5 billion people.

    A very well planned and timed economic colapse world wide would open the door to anarchy and the rise of the police state. Each government already has in place as in the US. Homeland Security, Fema camps. The recently passed NDAA.

    Quick control over the people, the same people who remained in the dark about responsibility for their government and their monetary system.
    A new world regiem and a list with the names of 500 million people on it. The paper ark into the future. Alex Jones says that they will enslave earth’s humanity. But I don’t think they will need any slaves, with tech and machines so good.
    Well we will know by December 2012. Hope I’m wrong but not, everything just falls into place too well.

    Great Blog, keep it going

  3. WhiskeyJim Says:

    I appreciate you blog sir.

    Fractional reserve banking, Federal Reserves that set interest rates and print money, and government regulation preserving same structurally guarantee wealth transfer from the populace to the rich.

    TARP in USA instigated the largest transfer of wealth to the rich in the history of man. The banks and the government will soon own 50% of real estate in USA. The government will fire sale those assets to the rich. All that could have been avoided.

    The Ponzi scheme of central governments continues. Hmmm. Who wins a Ponzi scheme again? oh yeah….

  4. Fred Van Says:

    You will LOVE this special Report from Shadowstats !

    I also LOVE your site !


    • guidoamm Says:

      Thank you for the kind words and for the shadowstat’s article. I do agree with a large number of the points raised in the article but I differ on the outcome which, in my opinion, will be deflationary. Were I to change my mind at some point however, the argument I find most convincing is indeed the one relating to the break-down of the bond market.

  5. Joseph E Fasciani Says:

    Dera Guido:

    You are doing a great service for the sheeple, as I also try to do w/my essays in reality, as opposed to “what if….” A few are still archived at 321gold.com, and you can google or cluuz ‘joseph e fasciani’ to see what else I publish.

    Have you heard of Stephen Zarlenga and the American Monetary Institute? I think there’s a grand fit between you two. He’s published the best ever work on money and its true nature: The Lost Science of Money, 2nd Edition. It’s a MUST READ for anyone who proposes to speak about money [Few actually do; rather they write about currency, as if it were money.]

    His website is: http://www.monetary.org/ and there is a major announcement there re his proposed legislation which Dennis Kucinich will likely introduce. “Over time, whoever controls the money system
    controls the nation.” Stephen Zarlenga, Director

    There’s a revolution a’coming, and the Federal Reserve Bank [which is neither Federal, nor a bank, and has no reserves] will lose.

    All best, Joseph, Victoria, BC

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