Reality – the message

The central message may have been lost in my previous and somewhat disjointed rant.

The fundamental problem of our monetary system is that it robs us of our effort and, eventually, freedom.

If you are a baker and you’ve been getting up at 3am in the morning for the past thirty years to provide bread for the neighbourhood. If you are a farmer who spent the past 50 years toiling to provide fresh produce to the market. If you are a carpenter that spent years providing people with furniture. If you are a coal miner, a plumber, a medical doctor or a teacher or a nurse or a taxi driver.

If you are anyone whom has ever exchanged their intellectual and physical effort in exchange for money, you have effectively been robbed of your effort.

The reason you have been robbed is that the money you have accepted in exchange for your effort does not belong to you. It belongs to the central bank who only LOANS it to you. Worse still, the money that is loaned out to you in exchange for your work, requires that you pay interest on it.

Picture this.

Let’s assume that in your life time you only conduct one transaction and receive money only once. In this monetary system, if you never do anything else with this sum you have received, in time, the sum will arithmetically be devalued to zero. Even assuming devaluation will not totally erode your purchasing power, the central bank may decide to replace the currency you are holding in order to issue a new currency which will have a much lower purchasing power value.

The money you earn through your work, does not belong to you. You are actually exchanging something of value for something that has no tangible or intrinsic value and that is subject to constant and perpetual legal confiscation.

I understand how you may not quite see what I am trying to tell you. Very likely, if you are over the age of 40 you may have been able to buy a house or some land with the money you earned through your work. Even if that were the case, the basic premise does not change. In this monetary system, the house you have purchased may increase in value as inflation erodes the purchasing power of your money. This is good. The problem however, arises when the value of your home increases at a slower rate than the rate of inflation AND property taxes.

The fact of having deployed the money you earn to acquire something of tangible value stretches out in time the point at which you are totally robbed. But it is only a reprieve. By engaging in a secondary transaction (buying a house) you extend the the time it will take to completely rob you. In this monetary system however, property taxes will inevitably and arithmetically ensure that you do not really “own” your house as much as you are renting it from the ultimate owner of the currency.


One Response to “Reality – the message”

  1. pat00donnelly Says:

    Banking is theft by the owners or by the providers of long term capital. It has been so for CENTURIES.

    People who do not understand the nature of credit as money lose out big time, while those who do also make money, but not as much as those who provide the capital.

    Deliberate political decisions to ruin value by inflating, by having interest rates too low and not allowing banks to fail make people lose money. Many sectors of the economy make money from boosting consumption, but it is only when capital assets are so boosted that it is really toxic. Votes to politicians are no longer of value as the timing is too short and the credit bust occurs within two electoral cycles.

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