When Tyrants Grasp At Straws…

Mr. Olson will probably be charged. Let’s see what they will actually slap him with. The rhetoric is down right scary of course and it belies panic.

My take is that the verdict will revolve around how solid a grip the banks have on social mood. The weaker they feel their grip is, the tougher the sentence.


As a corollary to the above –

I began writing publicly some 8 years ago. The reason I did so is because I was beginning to get to grips with how the monetary system works and, in particular, how banks work. The thing that baffled me the most at the time was how oblivious most banking, finance and economy “professionals” were to the inherently and arithmetically predatory nature of the system.

Eight years and countless real life examples later, I realize nothing has changed. This shit storm will be taken to its ultimate conclusion because of the handful of people that know what is going on, fewer still are willing to do anything about it.

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2 Responses to “When Tyrants Grasp At Straws…”

  1. ROGER LEWIS Says:

    I am glad you decided to share your discoveries 8 years ago Guido. I just posted a link to your Blog and this on my Facebook account.Guido is 4 years ahead of me , my own enquiry into this started Around 2008 and accelerated in 2010 when I started my Blog, the very first post explains why my own Interest was peaked. I knew If I was to keep my sanity I had to understand why Clydesdale bank had acted in a way which was seemingly against their own interests. The answer is of course that the Interests of Banks and of Governments are not as advertised.

    • guidoamm Says:

      “Not as advertised”… I admire your knack for understatement Roger… good chuckle on this Friday morning… Thank you mate.

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