Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics

Via Zerohedge


Par for the course in a debt based fiat monetary system. Nothing new to readers of this blog. It had already happened to me circa 2005 when my Facebook account was suspended for over a month.


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2 Responses to “Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics”

  1. josephbc69 Says:

    Hey, don’t take it personally! In fact, look at it as a sign of honour in exposing these creeps for what they are. As soon as I understood what the founder’s background was, the time they spent in the CIA, and the hidden back door phishing for personal info to sell to marketers, I started dissing them at every opportunity.

    I’ve never had a facebook [fb] account, and whenever one of my friends, relatives, or acquaintances sends me a query from their fb account, I ALWAYS reply w/this: “I’m sorry, I don’t use fb because it’s a fascist scheme to get private info, then sold to profit-making entities. Use my email instead, OK?”

    Well, about a year after I started doing this, I discovered that when I tried to respond to one of these enquiries, I’d get a small pop-up screen that said I do not have an account, and I was barred from getting one.

    Many thanks for the signal honour, you shit-eating fascists; my dad would be proud of me at last!! He fled Italy age 22 from the Black Shirts because he was a PACIFIST anarchist, okay, so these creeps can’t even deal w/a pacifist. Makes one wonder what they’ll do when confronted w/a red-white-and-blue gun-packing patriot….

    • guidoamm Says:

      LOL… I know what you mean… I did cancel my Fb page many years ago. But of course, you can’t really erase it. If you read the small print, once you sign up, whatever info you have put on your page remains on their servers.
      Anyway, whatever is said on these pages stays too so, to an extent it is six of one or half dozen of the other… The difference of course is that Fb is very intrusive and information about you ends up on there even if you don’t put it there yourself. All it takes is for someone to post a photo where you happen to be in the frame and somebody tags you or someone may just mention you by name in one of their posts and that is sufficient for bits of information to be collated and compiled. That’s the beauty of social media.
      Keep well my friend and happy new year.

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