The Half Full Glass

For a bit of change in tempo…

Despite what politicians say, most people are richer and freer than they have ever been


5 Responses to “The Half Full Glass”

  1. Anon Treebeard Says:

    “Despite what politicians say, most people are richer and freer than they have ever been“

    Well i am 29, i have to work full time and so does my wife to pay for the morgage, council tax, bills, food and childcare.

    My father was able to work full time and earn enough to support his family, i cannot.

    My grandfather was able to work full time and earn enough to support his family with a greater level of comform (at least in the later years, 1960onwards).

    Not sure at all about people standard of living before this time period, perhaps someone can inform me?

    There is also no option that i can see, i have to work, as does my wife.

    • guidoamm Says:

      Cold comfort though it may be, you are not alone mate. This is our predicament.

      We have physical freedom to move about as we please (for now) but the diminishing purchasing power of our wages ensures that we gradually become dependent on credit and government aid.

      Of course, your only alternative would be socially and materially costly. You could pay down your mortgage and close all your lines of credit with the ramifications this option entails.

      The difficulty in choosing the alternative today is that few if anyone have done it so far. Nonetheless, hence forth, this choice will be imposed on all individuals.

      Just remember, he who drops out first drops out best.

      A bon entendeur.

  2. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Adam Smith told us what we already knew, greed is used to get people to work when they actually would be happier not doing so. Not all folks, but a lot more of them, thanks to those fascinating gizmos. The downside is that children get neglected to a greater degree?

    Someone takes money off the top, but it is only useful to them if it is employed in some way, causing economic activity in its turn. Someone must call some of the shots. If they choose to do so covertly, what harm?

    The money machine and the war on Islam and Christianity, one won, the other in progress, go hand in hand. After a few centuries, it fuels itself. An end in itself. Those who currently control it, they think they do, may want to change, but others will take over.

    How do we replace it and with what?

  3. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Yup! And there are a lot more of us, too!

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