Who’s your daddy?

Feeling trapped by a job you hate with colleagues you think are idiots and superiors you can barely tolerate?

Feeling depressed by those pesky payments to keep up your mortgage, your car loan and your credit card outstanding balance?

Feeling exploited by an income tax system you think is unfair?

Feeling victimized because you can’t just quit what you are doing to take a breather and have some time to think about what you would like to do or should do?

Feeling alienated by an administrative system that creates hurdles for you to express your professional and vocational aspirations?

Who’s your daddy?

Why, government is.

And before you should feel too sorry for yourself, tell yourself that government employees though marginally better off than you, have exactly the same problems. They will only experience the real life consequences later than you are.




One Response to “Who’s your daddy?”

  1. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Not true. In some countries, it is true, such as Australia, where superannuation is invested by private sources and pensions depend upon results of the inflation machine. Even here, it is possible to set up a private investment vehicle and cleverly escape the consequences of the inflation machine by getting out before the top!

    In other countries, UK, Ireland, the lucky, intelligent, civil servants get pensions related to pay of serving personnel. As government requires conspiracy, the pensions are gilt.

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