Is There An Alternative?

Of course there is:

Given politicians that know not only what their primary objective should be but that also hold the concepts of fiduciary duty and collective conscience in high regard, there are alternatives. EU membership or monetary union are neither essential nor are they the only way a country and society can survive. Is a union desirable? Absolutely. Is a union designed and implemented as the EU has been desirable? Absolutely not. Similarly, banks are not the one and only pillar of society. In a modern and open economy governed by the rule of law, banks are nothing but another business and should be left to go bankrupt when their business model fails.

But who are we kidding right?




2 Responses to “Is There An Alternative?”

  1. CK Watt Says:

    “Is a union desirable? Absolutely.”

    Presumably then, the biggest union of them all (‘One WOrld Government’) would be the most desirable..?

    • guidoamm Says:

      Ah! Touche’.

      If people and countries came together by a process of natural integration because of common views or goals rather than cobbled together because of expedient political design, undoubtedly the outcome could be desirable.

      I grant you that historical examples of similar successful integrations are few. Nonetheless, think of the tribes that at the peak of the Roman empire populated what is today Germany. Or during the 1600s the warring tribes of what is today Switzerland.

      Integration can happen naturally. But expedient integration forced by political and economic expediency can only result in the destitution of the masses.

      People may roll their eyes to the sky when I say this, but purely from an arithmetical point of view, the Euro and hence Europe, was a monetary necessity for the US$. It is not credible to believe that the entities that have imposed this monetary system were not aware of the ramifications of the system. If you impose a monetary system predicated on inflation and inflation has a mathematical limit, then the only way you can keep the system going is to assimilate other markets and other currencies.

      In this context, DBFM and Fractional Reserve Banking only make sense if the ultimate goal is the complete and utter destitution of society. Arithmetically speaking, it cannot be otherwise. If despite the glaring evidence staring us in the face today our leaders and monetary authorities insist on maintaining this variety of monetary system, the inescapable conclusion must be that nothing short of the total enslavement of society is the ultimate goal…. and a world currency, let alone a world government, in this context would do albeit temporarily.

      But, fortunately or unfortunately, today there is no longer enough time to ram a world government through. All major currencies are hitting the buffers and some major dislocation is about to take place. We are talking months here and, perhaps, weeks. I estimate by 2015 latest.

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