G7 Leaders Vow To Cooperate On Woes… (a re-post)

Although under a different title, this is a re-post of a 2009 post on this blog:


Not much has changed since the above post.


Although this time, rather than meet in fancy resorts surrounded by a Billion Dollar security apparatus and stuffing their faces on lobster and caviar, our elected criminals have teleconferenced, the outcome is more of the same:

“European representatives “said they will speed up their efforts to resolve those problems, which was encouraging to us,” Azumi said. “Japan is ready to provide support if there is anything we can do.”

But never fear. In a few days, G20 elected criminals will meet in Mexico and will vomit much the same hokum whilst stuffing their faces on caviar and lobster whilst surrounded by a Billion Dollar security apparatus.

And we keep voting them into office because we like the drug they peddle unto us.

Are you not yet feeling that penetrating sensation at the base of your back?

It must be me I guess.



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