Temple Of The Absurd…

There is no shortage of picks of absurd events that make the cut for this blog especially in the recent past.

But here is something that caught my eye this morning:


Robert Mugabe Apppointed UN Leader For Tourism



…. ???…


After a moment’s reflection, the above neatly encapsulates the… the… what is it?…. is it Kafkian? We know it is absurd but it goes beyond absurd… it is aberrant of course but it goes well beyond aberrant…

… it is real life and it is stranger than fiction.

Here are two of the most absurdly self serving and self absorbed entities in the world coalescing to produce an outcome that is surreal and… well… absurd.

On one hand it is absurd if not shameful that the UN should recognize Mugabe as anything else than an irresponsible criminal. On the other hand, is a bumbling criminal idiot accepting recognition from an entity that he has despised and berated throughout the years.

If ever you needed a reason to dispel any doubts that the United Nations have become a sprawling cesspool of corruption, vanity and waste this should do the trick.


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