Oh Hum… (Iran)

I have many friends that I consider reasonable and well informed including in the Middle East and, in particular, in Lebanon. But like in the Middle East, in the West Iran looms very large in their universe of threats.

Here’s a throw away comment for what it’is worth.

I don’t for a second doubt that Iran has a political, economic and military strategy like all other sovereign countries do. But from there I have to take exception to making Iranians to be THE bad guys on the block. In the particular case of the Middle East, I personally feel Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries to be a greater threat not only to stability in the region but also to the stability of the relationship between the Western and the Islamic worlds. Iranians are currently under a leadership that could be described as myopic at many levels, but that’s no different than the history of many other countries that had to endure spells of aberrant political leadership. It was not so long ago that the USA were endeavoring under Mc Carthysm. How many lives have been ruined during that period of time both nationally and internationally? Franco ruled till very recently in Spain. The Greeks had a not so nice military junta till the 70s.

The truth is that Iran and Iranians as a country and a people are much closer to Western values and priorities than all other countries in this region. Maybe this is the threat the West fears the most?




One Response to “Oh Hum… (Iran)”

  1. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Saud is a family, not a country. The division and rule regime applies and will always present each side as a threat to the other, to finance arm sales! The invisible hand strikes again!

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