More “expert” research clap trap…

Scientists Say America Is Too Dumb For Democracy To Thrive

Where to begin to shoot holes in this piece of trash?

First of all, we are not given an insight in how the research was done. We are given the conclusion to be taken at face value.

Let’s however assume the research is kosher, not skewed, not flawed… and… and… not aimed at justifying an end, whatever that end may be…

These alleged scientists completely omit to take into account the environment society evolves in. It is no surprise I will tell you the monetary system has everything to do with this environment.

Work by Cornell University psychologist David Dunning and then-colleague Justin Kruger found that “incompetent people are inherently unable to judge the competence of other people, or the quality of those people’s ideas,” according to a report by Life’s Little Mysteries on the blogLiveScience.

People are not too dumb to judge the quality of other people’s ideas. But people will vote for those ideas they perceive will give them the most immediate material gain.

And that could not be otherwise. When the leadership of a country:

  • imposes deliberately, unilaterally and arbitrarily a monetary system that is mathematically skewed towards robbing the productive capacity of society

The arithmetical consequence of this one choice is multifaceted and will foster from the outset the impoverishment of the masses. As this dynamic progresses, the political process will inherently be based on promising sundry social safety nets. Unions are a case in point. As the currency is debased and as industry has first access to newly minted currency, the masses are immediately placed at a material disadvantage so that the ascendency of unions is guaranteed. As the power of unions expands, they become a very effective enabling tool of the political system. Unions offer leverage. No longer does the political process need to entice or convince millions. Rather, the political process now only needs to corrupt union leadership and millions will follow.

Corrupting union leadership is not difficult and does not have to be illegal either. The political process can corrupt simply by promising ostensibly socially responsible programs like social security. Who here could say that social security is a bad idea? But social security in an environment of gradual currency debasement is, arithmetically speaking, a horrendous idea of course. And we are finding that out today.

So, when the natural tendency of people to rely upon their skills, their families and their ingenuity is deliberately and gradually subverted over generations by arithmetically destructive policies, what hope is there that society may turn out in any other way than it has? Those individuals responsible for imposing the monetary system are of course well aware of the inherent dynamic and consequences of this particular variety of monetary system. They know that what this piece of research terms as being people that are “too dumb” is nothing but the inevitable outcome of an economic choice that ensures the primacy of immediate gratification over immediate sacrifice for long terms sustainability.

Research my ass!!





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