THE TIME IS NOW… (Greece and the whole EU construct)

For a tranquil Sunday morning, this Telegraph article is disquietingly alarming though, as it turns out, misleading… for now at least:

Brussels takes control of taxation and spending in Eurozone countries

As you begin reading the article it is clear the title is misleading as (emphasis added): “The EU will have to agree the national budgets of heavily indebted countries under a deal to be signed tomorrow at a summit in Brussels attended by David Cameron.”

Nonetheless, if the above is true, EU citizens only have 24hrs to prevent what is clearly and blatantly a key event on the road to the concentration of power and the establishment of an unaccountable fascist super state.

We were at a similar junction only a few years ago with the final and irreversible ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by Ireland. By the time we were all waiting to see whether Ireland would or would not ratify the treaty, a handful of curious observes had taken time to actually read the treaty and realized the extent of loss of sovereign and personal liberty it implied. Irish politicians were our last hope to defeat the Lisbon Treaty. The rest is history and today, starting with the EU president, we have layers of unelected and unaccountable politicians who wield executive power.

Similarly today, as the country at the forefront of this debacle, our destiny is in the hands of Greece. Because Greece is much farther along the bankruptcy path than other EU states (but they are all following one another at varying distance), it is Greece that today realizes the implications of surrendering fiscal sovereignty to the EU. Italians, Spaniards or French by and large do not as yet understand the implications of this proposal because, unlike Greece, they have not experienced first hand the aggressive and intrusive nature of the EU’s special committees that swoop in to dictate policy. A policy that says that debt owed to banks is sacrosanct and that EU citizens must blindly commit to repaying first and foremost before any other obligation.

The time to stand up for decency, morality and to uphold the law and the rights of the citizen is now.

Following in the footsteps of Iceland, Greece must default. The alternative takes us directly to the establishment of a the Neo Politburo that is euphemistically called the European Union (“union” as in implying willingness) and we will not pass go thus we will not even collect our $200.

Greece must default now.


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2 Responses to “THE TIME IS NOW… (Greece and the whole EU construct)”

  1. pat00donnelly Says:

    Jesses white Rose seems fake?

    Should have been done better? Really needs to be said and can stand on its own two feet. So why make it so easily impugned? Except to damage the very message it contains?

  2. pat00donnelly Says:

    Typical ToryGraph article then, really?!

    The future will come and that means world wide government. No customs jobs then!

    The example of Poland might then be relevant? Mass temporary migration to UK and Ireland. So called economics will take a back seat, as a cloak for kleptocracy at least!

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