Tic, toc… tic, toc…

As outlined in these pages over the past few years, the hammer is about to strike the 12th hour…

Prospect Of Empty Coffers Looms Large


The gravity of the situation is indicated by the fact that the government [of Greece] has frozen all disbursements apart from salaries and pensions.

If you think only Greece is in such dire straits you have anothing thing coming… can you sing the Jaws-is-lurking tune?

Count down to war ticking inexorably away….



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2 Responses to “Tic, toc… tic, toc…”

  1. guidoamm Says:

    How do you figure others are not near that…? A hadful of East European countries are already at the same stage, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are nearing if not at that stage, Italy … well… it’s Italy… and the USA is about to exceed their newly set debt ceiling once again at the same time that Obama announced another $400Billion spending round… and not to be outdone by Switzerland, the Japanese are going nuclear in currency intervention in an attempt at reviving their exports in order to revive fiscal revenue… because the coffers are empty there too…

    Sorry, but I am reminded of the joke of the father shark teaching shark junior how to eat humans stranded at sea:

    Fathers shark: “When you first come upon humans in the sea son, circle them once”

    So father and son go on to circle a hapless group of ship wrecked men

    Father shark: “once you’re done circling them the first time, give it a little time and then circle them again son”

    And they go on for another loop

    Father shark: “After your circle them twice, you can then eat them”

    Shark Junior: “Got it dad. But why waste so much time an not just eat them?”

    Fahter shark: “Yes you could do that son, but humans taste much better when you get the shit out of them”

  2. pat00donnelly Says:

    Interesting ……. Turkey possibly confronting Israel over their nonsense is one flash point. The Greek politicians are well entrenched and will be dislodged only if public disorder breaks out. Then a coup or more likely: thieves hang together in coalition.

    Why are they not writing scrip? IOU!

    Others are not near that, this is to humiliate the Greeks,if possible?

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