Germany shows the way… yet again!

Whether we like it or not, prostitution is a profession. As such it should be recognized, cleaned up, taxed and protected in that order.


Inspectors will prowl the streets and any prostitute caught without a ticket [that can be bought from street vending machines] will receive a warning for a first offence, but after that faces the possibility of a fine or a ban from practicing prostitution. […] Along with the location providing a certain amount of privacy [closed off parking lots], they also come with alarms a prostitute can trigger if she gets into trouble. ”

My only observation is that the article implies that only women prostitute themselves.


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2 Responses to “Germany shows the way… yet again!”

  1. Pat Donnelly Says:

    Likewise drugs etc. The only problem being that any system requires regulation: penpushers! The states are now so broke they cannot afford existing enforcement, let alone new methods!

    The internet is a tidier way of hooking up, anyway.

    • guidoamm Says:

      Agreed regards drugs… and agreed regards that sovereigns are currently overwhelmed by overpaid penpushers… but it should not be so of course….

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