Fiat money… a bit of a debate with antoher blogger…

… whom is a trained economist … so since I am out of my depth on a number of issues, I can only argue from the empirical point of view…clumsy I know but that’s all I can do…

If you are interested in reading the comments:




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4 Responses to “Fiat money… a bit of a debate with antoher blogger…”

  1. ducati998 Says:


    You caught my interest with this chap. I have responded via a refutation of his post via my own blog. I’m only about half way through, have a read and see if you agree/have anything to add.

    jog on

  2. bertusmaximus Says:

    just about every economist with a phd is a prat … funny enough, possibly the best central banks out there, the RBA has a non phd at its helm. the rest are a bunch of nerds who sit in boxes with their equations and models with so many assumptions they render the concept of “agent” as meaningless. dangerous people indeed.

  3. ducati998 Says:


    Interesting. Just starting to read this, have a little catching up to do, but an interesting blog generally.

    jog on

  4. Pat Donnelly Says:

    I gave him a spanking!

    You landed a few telling points also. Ask him general questions as his technical training will convince you that a boom is under way!

    Pure economics, sorry for swearing!

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