Things that make you go “hmmm!”…

Hot on the heels of the previous post:

In Homestead, Florida, Posse Comitatus is dead. The Air Force now responds to civilian crime in the small city, population around 30,000.”




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2 Responses to “Things that make you go “hmmm!”…”

  1. Pat Donnelly Says:

    It will be of concern to left wingers, but they can no longer afford to pay for police as taxes are falling. Gestapo by the backdoor?

    Most Mil are armed but not issued with ammo?

    Martial law is only a few months away anyway, especially if the Han use tsunami to take out the east and west coasts, simultaneously!

    • guidoamm Says:

      Gestapo by the backdoor? I dunno… but if history is any guide, Obama’s Youths may be a harbinger of something…

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