A government salary for every man, woman and child

This comes apropos following on from my previous post with real life examples of how DBFM forces individuals to run faster just to stay in place.

The absurdity of DBFM is usually highlighted by pointing out that the mathematics underpinning the system lead to the perceived necessity for government to stimulate the economy in order to foster expansion. Thus, critics say, if government stimulation was a solution, then by giving a government salary to every man, woman and child we could ensure constant prosperity beyond anyone’s wildest dreams for ever.

Don’t laugh.

Despite being only a timid attempt, this is exactly what is now going to happen.


New Program: $50,000 in Fellow Taxpayer Money if You Don’t Pay Your Mortgage AND (Preferably) Don’t Have a Job

… and with this…


As millions of Americans struggle in foreclosure with little hope of relief, big banks are going to borrowers who are not even in default and cutting their debt or easing the mortgage terms, sometimes with no questions asked.

These are only timid attempts because the absurdity of this purported solution is obvious for anyone with a basic grasp of math to see. Which means that it is also clear to the stewards of the monetary system. But, such is the warped logic of DBFM that this is exactly the type of solution that will be implemented at ever greater degrees till not only the entirety of the productive capacity of society is thoroughly drained and transferred, but also till the entire moral fabric of society is thoroughly subverted and corrupted. In a DBFM system, government wants you to spend liberally, excessively and pervasively taking on debt and taking out even more debt to repay previous debts till you are thoroughly dependent on the monetary authority and the government for your daily needs. At that point, you will be used to do your government bidding and if that means you have to go to war to fight some ostensible foreign evil because your life style is threatened, that is exactly what you will do.

By the way. In case anyone should wonder, these solutions can only have a deflationary outcome as the value of all assets will get marked down accordingly because even mortgage holders that are up to date with their payments will be encouraged to default. Not to mention that this will also give rise to all sorts of scams on the part of banks. Finally, don’t forget that deflation is anathema to DBFM thus it is the enemy of banks thus the state….

What a crock of shit.


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2 Responses to “A government salary for every man, woman and child”

  1. guidoamm Says:

    I suppose that by “it is not a bad idea” you refer to a government salary for every individual in the realm.

    Like everything else, nothing is a bad idea when it is managed properly. But welfare presents us with issues on several levels from moral to arithmetical to practical.

    Let us take pensions for example. If the government mandated that each individual must pitch in a certain amount into a fund that is guarded and saved by the government so that this money can then be used to support the individual at retirement, one would be inclined to agree this is a useful plan.

    However… as you know, pension contributions in the West are not only mandated but they are structured in a format known as “pay as you go”. This makes pension contributions not only fraudulent but inherently unstable and immoral. You see; on one hand government decrees you should contribute money to a government fund that is not saved in your name but rather it is spent without any reciprocal degree of accountability as to what your money has been employed for. This is the fraudulent part.

    For the instability and immoral parts of the equation, by claiming that government has your back at retirement, the individual becomes dependent on government. But since in a DBFM system government expenditure is guaranteed to outpace income by orders of magnitude, eventually pensions are nothing by a multi-level marketing scam – those that get in first get some rewards but not those that get in at later stages of the game. We are there today.

    So, yes, in my opinion, welfare in a DBFM system, is but a con. It is an expedient tool for political gain. It is fraud, it is wasteful and it is immoral and it is all perpetrated for the sake of the sponsors of DBFM.

  2. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    For those of us concerned about welfare, this is not a bad idea.

    You try to reduce DBFM to absurdity by introducing it and therefore fail. DBFM has been analysed by you as highly dangerous already. You merely try to damage universal welfare? True, it is abused, and rather wasteful, but it is not evil as such. It certainly does ensure a consumer economy… another minor evil. After all, if it be moral to take income and wealth off of those who earn it ……

    This is not far from the concept of full employment. A far better goal than DBFM.

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