The battle for Libya

As I was channel flipping this morning, I stumbled on Al Jazeera news. Looks like we’re still battling for Libya… … … ??? …

Setting aside any legal or moral issues as may exist, what is disconcerting is that a coalition of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, whom amongst them have supplied equipment to and trained the Libyan army, have yet to prevail.

Let’s see: we sold them equipment, we trained them (guffaw!), we designed, built, set up and connected their defense systems… and what! Six months into what should, comparatively, be a school yard scrap we are still battling for Libya? Here is a country that is essentially flat desert with literally one handful of cities that need to be taken over and where the coalition enjoys the support of large segments of the population and we are still battling to take it over?

Of two things one. Either despite the fancy technology and the ostensibly superior knowledge and training of the coalition forces they are just a deluded bunch of pussies only fit to play war on X-Box consoles or the coalition is stretching this thing out on purpose.

If the latter, to what end?



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