JP Morgan’s net soars 67% on economic recovery

As I never tire to reiterate in these pages  (i.e. “As to why changing the monetary system should be a priority in altering the political landscape” ), you must not forget whom the system is broken for. The Primary Dealers and, generally speaking, the global banks are making out like bandits.

It is indisputable today that the presumed recovery is but a figment of the imagination of a political elite hell bent on attempting to assuage an increasingly restive electorate. Restive due to a creeping realization that the presumed development of the past forty years may well have been a mirage brought about by irresponsible and expedient inflationary policies.

At a time when variously housing data is still deteriorating, when city, region, state and nations’ budgets are bleeding red ink profusely, when food stamp usage is at an all time high and shows no sign of abating, when the labor participation rate is plumbing new depths despite an increasing population, when pension promises are being curtailed and revoked, when food prices are spiraling relentlessly upwards, when fiscal income is declining and when sales data is poor, calling a recovery is a matter of opinion.

When at the same time what is by now glaring and officially determined criminal behavior on the part of the political and financial elites is not prosecuted, it takes a special kind of gall to term the current juncture as a “recovery”. On the other hand, nobody has ever accused the main stream press of being objective or fair so; par for the course I guess.


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2 Responses to “JP Morgan’s net soars 67% on economic recovery”

  1. azzam Says:

    A good book on the effect of inflationary practices and how the system was set (by JP Morgan and company) back in 1913, is The Creature from Jeckle Island… The federal reserve system is set to protect the interests of large banks at the expense of smaller banks and the tax payer. Bottom line is that the US constitution prohibits the issuence of Fiat Monies. so the work around has been to create a semi official entity in charge of issuing paper money instead of gold and silver backed money. The coup de gras was in 1973 when Nixon disconnected the dolalr from gold to prevent wealth trasnfer for oil purchases. and the rest, as they say, is history.

    • guidoamm Says:

      Indeed sir… The Creature from Jackyll Island is a good book. A few others are worth a read too: Ellen Brown’s Web of Debt, Murray Rothbard’s The Case Against the Fed and What Has Government Done To Our Money and a few others too.

      Thank you for checking in. Have we met?

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