Event horizon approaching

The smell of criticality is becoming… well…. critical. Take your pick:

Monetary policy

Gold and silver availability

Geopolitcal turmoil

Nuclear disaster

Political crisis in Europe

Sovereign bankruptcy in the West

Unemployment in the West

Homelessnes in the West

Peak oil

Blatant and overt corruption in the West

Fascism in the West




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3 Responses to “Event horizon approaching”

  1. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Remember the blackout in the middle east a few years ago? Cables cut?

    EMP would be worse than a few cables …

  2. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Merely begs the question: how bad does it have to get before the PPT, plunge protection team, call it a day and head for their palatial gated bunkers in the Rockies?

    I annoy the bejaysus out of those I respect enough to converse with, by saying that things are never so bad that they cannot get worse!

    Project Blue Beam? (includes aliens, meteorites etc)
    Another massive earthquake, with or without tsunami (they never really get old do they?)
    Genuine terror attacks on the USA?
    Massive starvation, publicized nightly on TV?
    Internet blackout?

    • guidoamm Says:

      An internet blackout?… Now that would be a black swan if anything ever could be and seriously dangerous at that it would be too…

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