UAE and Qatar getting involved in war?

Put this down to the “WTF” moment of the century.

These are countries that don’t even have armies in as much as their population is not sufficiently large and, at any rate, they are largely ineffective at carrying out any type of coordinated task that requires timing and a large dose of personal resposnibility. By and large, the UAE employs an army of mostly Asian mercenaries and now it is getting involved in combat operations in Bahrain and in Libya?

If anyone can shed light on what is sure to be a clusterfuck please come forward.



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One Response to “UAE and Qatar getting involved in war?”

  1. Patrick Donnelly Says:

    Not a clue?

    Nascent regionality, preparatory to saving the world by one fiat currency and one world government? Do a Euro and go fo rht emoney before the government is in place?

    Base it on oil, etc. anything but that barbarous relic?

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