Solar cycles (climate change)

Dutch Professor Cees de Jager, a prominent astronomer and solar expert, forcefully asserts that we the world is indeed entering for a long period of very low solar activity. The professor and his colleagues are certain Earth is heading for a “long Grand Minimum”—defined as either a Solar Wolf-Gleissberg or a Maunder Minimum—”not shorter than a century.” His 2010 paper, “The forthcoming Grand Minimum of solar activity,” outlined the extended period of time that the diminished solar radiation would affect the Earth.”

Lest we forget


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One Response to “Solar cycles (climate change)”

  1. pat00donnelly Says:

    Good posting. This has been coming more likely year by year over the last five.
    The consequences for “civilization” will be immense.

    This will not involve theft by a few of billions, but the deaths of millions and the misery of billions if we do not take full control of the kleptocracy now dying in the west.

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