Dont take your eyes off the ball….

Don’t let the dramatic events occurring in the Middle East distract you from what is happening at home.

Sovereign credit is still a ticking time bomb throughout Europe and in the USA.

Banks are still bankrupt and are being propped by artificial, opaque, untested and ultimately deleterious policies enacted by our politicians specifically for the banks.

Western monetary policy is affecting the price of commodities and food stuffs leading to severe dislocations in markets and nations.

Don’t let dramatic events in other countries distract you from what is blatant and glaring criminal behavior of our governing elites and bankers.


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One Response to “Dont take your eyes off the ball….”

  1. pat00donnelly Says:

    True, but what do you propose?

    An election has just been held, I suspect little will change. Civil disobedience to enforce true and total transparency? Most will shirk this as onerous.

    Things will and must get much worse before the sheep awake.

    Invest in insulation! The Irish have ….

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