Good tidings folks!

After having celebrated Iceland’s courageous stand against the IMF, the World Bank, the UK and Holland last year, a few days ago I feared the people of Iceland might yet again get screwed by the politicians. A piece of news I read reported that Iceland had agreed to a new repayment schedule that stretched out to 2046 and that “the people” supported the new plan.

Despondent as I was feeling after reading that piece of news, for days I wallowed in despair at the enormity of the task the people face at fighting this political/financial Leviathan that now dominates society having penetrated the fabric and individual strands of people’s lives.

But today hope once again peeks through the dark clouds and, once again, it is Iceland’s President to come to the rescue of the Icelanders:

For the second time, Iceland’s president vetoed a bid by the island nation’s Parliament to repay the U.K. and the Netherlands more than $5 billion lost by depositors in Iceland’s epic 2008 banking collapse—sending the matter to a referendum by a deeply skeptical public and complicating the country’s application to join the European Union.

Ireland should heed the goings on in Iceland. It is not too late for the Irish people to re-gain their sovereignty and their dignity and, if Irish did so, they might well spark a popular movement throughout the West encouraging people to force banks to eat the losses brought about by their own deliberately reckless and politically sanctioned behavior.

Let the banks fail.




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2 Responses to “Good tidings folks!”

  1. pat00donnelly Says:

    Clearly I agree with you but most pollies do not.

    The next best thing is to take as much as possible from the UK and German bankers while they still have it!

    Default is inevitable, but the Euro will fall the more “crises” we have and they will pay for that. We also gain points for being plucky and compliant. Sadly honour and the Irish seem to have parted a way back!

  2. pat00donnelly Says:


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