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His three-inch, plastic toy gun was branded a ‘firearm’ and banned from a transatlantic flight.”

To be fair, although most reasonable people would find the above amusing, what this incident underscores is how far state propaganda has reached into the psyche of the common man.

Propaganda works best when the public perceives there to be a degree of truth in what government says is the reality of everyday life. In this regard, television shows like CSI, Bones, The Unit or Criminal Minds are an absolute bonanza for the state because they inculcate in the heads of the masses the idea that military and security spending along with the curtailment of personal freedoms are a real necessity to “preserve” our way of life.

Generally speaking, people cannot understand a problem if their livelihood depends on them not understanding it in the first place. A security agent’s job depends on there being a threat. Whether the threat is real or imagined is a matter of perception.

But give the masses enough tv shows highlighting potential threats and hire enough security personnel and in quick succession you have a paranoiac society begging to be protected even if that means the total invasion of one’s private life.

Christian and Islamic extremists must be high-fiving and patting each other backs seeing what our open societies have been reduced to.




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  1. ducati998 Says:


    Media, since Goebbels, has been the State’s preferred method of social conditioning. In addition, simply look at the ownership.

    jog on

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