An expert assesses the number of Al Qaida members in Af/Pak

The expert in question is none other than Director of Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta

From page one of the transcript paragraph before last:

TAPPER: How many Al Qaida do you think are in Afghanistan?

PANETTA: I think the estimate on the number of Al Qaida is actually relatively small. I think at most, we’re looking at maybe 50 to 100, maybe less. It’s in that vicinity. There’s no question that the main location of Al Qaida is in tribal areas of Pakistan.


TAPPER: When was the last time we had good intelligence on bin Laden’s location?

PANETTA: It’s been a while. I think it almost goes back, you know, to the early 2000s, that, you know, in terms of actually when he was moving from Afghanistan to Pakistan, that we had the last precise information about where he might be located. Since then, it’s been very difficult to get any intelligence on his exact location.

… and all told, between Nato, UK and US regular forces as well as Xe (Blackwater) and sundry “security” agencies, the West has somewhere in the range of 200’000 troops in Afghanistan with assorted hardware… oh! And we are now sending in tanks… 8 years into this fight our leaders have come to the conclusion that tanks can now somehow make the difference…

You do the math….


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