Hallmarks of absurdity

Leave it to the politicians to lead the way.


The European Commission has been condemned for spending three million euros hosting a lavish anti-poverty development conference for 6,000 people in Brussels.

What is certain is that the days when “condemnation” was sufficient to dissipate political and social discontent are coming to an end. Ever larger numbers of dispossessed, unemployed, homeless and just plain pissed off people are inexorably beefing up the ranks of popular revolts in Greece, France, Spain, the UK and even in Germany where following seemingly unrelated political decisions to build a railway station and allow a nuclear waste convoy to proceed to its destination have inflamed the masses. In fact, German police were confronted with such pitched resistance that they eventually had to both call a truce with the protesters and ask for major league games to be suspended on a Sunday because they were outnumbered and exhausted by the protesters.

Countdown to global war is is now approaching “1” real fast.


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One Response to “Hallmarks of absurdity”

  1. Tim C Says:

    You’ll have seen no doubt that Nic Lenoir of ICAP has come around to the countdown to global war scenario: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/nic-lenoir-why-euro-about-cash-and-burn-and-why-his-concern-new-normal-not-slow-growth-civil

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