Something is not confirmed till government officially denies it

Klaus Regling, chief executive officer of the European Financial Stability Facility, said there is no danger the Irish debt crisis will lead to a breakup of the euro, although he called the situation “serious,” Bild Zeitung reported, citing an interview. Regling said the rescue package is big enough for all member states, according to the German newspaper. The EFSF head said neither France nor Italy are at risk, Bild reported. Regling rejected the suggestion that Germany is the “paymaster” of the crisis, according to the newspaper.

OK, so, granted, it is not an official government source making the statement. But Klaus Regling is as close to if not a direct minion of the European government. So good enough for me.

As I have done with Alumnia two years ago, or Barroso more recently or Greece, I will gladly take the other side of this bet. That little government employees should be running around arms aflailing saying that what is a mathematical certainty will not happen means that the final denuement is closer at hand than anyone thinks particularly when they use childish hyperbole such as: “the package is big enough for all member states!!” Really? All member states?

A bon entendeur salut.


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