Count down to global war

Sir Paul Stephenson said his officers had failed to predict the change in mood among demonstrators before the Millbank riot two weeks ago.

Britain’s most senior police officer said the violence, which saw anarchists and students run amok through buildings housing the Conservative Party headquarters illustrated that “the game has changed”.

This is exactly what will lead us into a global war.

As monetary policy has lost traction, social expenditure is being cut right at the time that social costs are rising. Across the West, students, pensioners, the unemployed, the marginally employed and, eventually, even the employed will not be happy with their situation and with the outlook life is presenting them with.

Demonstrations will become gradually more intense and large. Soon, as mobs will be looking for politicians and bankers to lynch, our virtuous leaders will plunge us into a world war.The reason is simple. The West cannot contemplate a revolution in the purportedly civilized and industrialized world. So that when sufficient numbers of people will be angry, hungry and homeless and, simultaneously, the elite will be caught-up in scandal after scandal, revolution is sure to follow.

At that point. We’ll have us a war on our hands.


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