The cloack of chaos

I will freely admit that with so much going on, it is down right impossible today to make the part of things.

Certainly from a historical perspective, we know that false flag operations to influence the electorate and push society to do or not do something, is the oldest political trick in the book. Throughout the ages, governments in difficulty have always resorted to expedient stratagems in order to justify their desired course of action and sacrificing the lives of citizens and soldiers is an acceptable and desirable strategy in this regard. In fact, the more civilian lives lost, the greater the urgency felt by the public to do “something”.

After sundry idiotic bombing attempts, lately we’ve had the by now infamous underwear bomber, then the printer bombs addressed to synagogues in the USA from, of all places, Yemen, till last week when we’ve had a presumed bomb on a German aircraft.

The underwear bomber has now been identified as a patsy of the security services although it is still unclear which department, under whose control, to what end, how or why. The printer bombs leave much to be desired in terms of credible strategy. Finally the case of the German bomb after intense media scrutiny was declared by some German minister to have been a “test”.


More intriguing still is the case of the presumed missile that was launched off the coast of California last week. Myriad statements that emanated from officials high and low across the country and across departments, all denied it might be a missile. But then, last night, the Pentagon performed a stunning 180. We are now told it was, in fact, a missile. But wait! Some Colonel comes out saying in the plainest English that anyone could muster that, yes, a missile was detected but that, no, it is not ours (the USA’s) and that, no, we don’t know whom might have launched it.


Billions upon billions of Dollars showered on the military industrial complex, the most sophisticated and advanced army in the world, the single largest employer in the USA, all the lost liberties for the sake of our alleged safety, all the hardship and discomfort visited upon air travelers, all the song, all the dance and all the dog & pony show…. and someone can fire off a missile within the United State’s territorial waters and nobody is any the wiser????

THE Pentagon said a missile launch off the southern coast of California remained “unexplained” and that its mysterious origins meant that it was not possible to rule out any threat to the homeland.”

And by the way. After a turbulent few weeks marked by pitched street battles between demonstrators and the police, Germany did exploit the alleged bomb threat to send the army to patrol streets. Building on an alleged Al Qaida threat, France too took extraordinary measures in the past few weeks.

We will never know for certain whether these threats were/are real. Today, any two-bit looser with too much time on his hands and with a modicum of criminal inclination can go out, do something really stupid (probably aided and abetted by our own governments), declare he is an Al Qaida agent and kick-up a publicity storm in the process. Anyone can be Al Qaida today which does not mean that Al Qaida actually exists or is a homogeneous grouping guided by a common ideology and applying a common strategy.

But what is absolutely and objectively beyond any doubt, is that today Western governments are acting illegally and, it could easily be argued, criminally. And that, is happening on our national soil in our homes.

Do we have to fight terrorists overseas so they don’t threaten our homes? Maybe. But the evidence shows that it is our own governments that are posing the most imminent and clear threat to our way of life.

Buy some gold and/or silver bullion. Less than US$50 dollars will do. Do it and force the day of reckoning upon our politicians.


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