And now for something completely different…

… just to lighten the mood. Humanity is capable of great intellectual endeavors too. Some will argue that these discoveries may not have happened in the time frame they have in the absence of a fiat monetary system. They argue that any other monetary system would not allow the same speed of development hence, despite the eventual drawbacks, fiat money is the way to go.

For my part, I guess we’ll never know. The road not taken and all that. But, what I will say is that if indeed we end up in a contrived global war as I expect (the drawback of the inherent limit of debt based fiat money), would this not be a case of the means justifying the end rather than the other way around? Does anyone know what Macchiavelli had to say about that? If anything?

Anyway. Are the interesting bits for today.

For the first time, astronomers have detected a planetary system in a stellar stream of extragalactic origin. Because of the great distances involved, there are no confirmed detections of planets in other galaxies. But this cosmic merger has brought an extragalactic planet within our reach.

And since we’re at it:


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