Terror bomb plot (another one)

Other than saying that, at least (and at last), disguising an explosive device for the purpose of planting it on a plane or, in this case, a synagogue is a more credible threat than someone trying to board a plane, I have to wonder.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the devices were found dissimulated in printers that were packed in and sent from Sana’a and addressed to synagogues in the USA….. ????

The Telegraph informs us that the shipper in question is UPS.

So here is a quintessentially American company operating in one of the cities that is the alleged hot bed of Islamic international terrorism, that gets allegedly duped into shipping parcels destined to synagogues in the USA….. and the parcels were identified as suspicious only when they reached Dubai and the UK… ???? … And the alleged plot was discovered thanks to a tip-off to a British agent in Yemen… ???? …

Can I get a WHAT THE FUCK????

Question one; if the agent had been tipped-off in Yemen why the fuck where the parcels allowed to reach Dubai and the UK?

Question two; assuming this is a real threat carried out by real terrorists. Whom does UPS think would want to send parcels from Sana’a to synagogues in America?  Did they think that some local Yemeni charity might want to send presents to needy Jewish children there on the occasion of the upcoming Honeka holidays?

Color me skeptical but something smells in this whole affair.

And anyway, if true, all this plot proves is that our leaders and our security services are just blundering idiots whom despite the Trillions of Dollars that have been showered upon them and despite all the personal freedoms that have been lost in the name of security, they are still unable to identify suspicious goings-on when the situation actually warrants it. Do we really need to be “tipped-off” in order to be more inquisitive about a package that is being mailed from the hot bed of Islamic international terrorism (whose aim is the destruction of Israel) to synagogues in the USA? Mind boggling.

Moreover, poster Aasvogel on the Telegraph website (post of Sunday 31st October at about 9am GMT) googled the presumed terrorist in question Al-Awlaki whom according to Wikipedia is a well known character and whom post 9/11 was interviewed several times by the security services and whom, incidentally, was also invited to dinner by the same security services in order to give a talk about moderate Islam. And this, may I remind you, when it has now come to light that the Christmas bomber has been identified as a patsy of the US security services.

Does anyone reading this blog feel that something is out of whack in our lives?


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