Terrorism as a tool of state

As I was wondering aloud some months ago, it appears the underwear bomber of last December was indeed a patsy…. but he was the patsy of some as yet unknown US “security” agency.

State Department Admits: Detroit Christmas Bomber Was Deliberately Allowed to Keep US Entry Visa, Board His Flight


Not surprising considering that the USA today have become the most surveiled society in the West. I can’t believe I just wrote that. It is only ten years since the Berlin wall came down and look at us today. We indeed are living interesting times much to the delight of our Chinese friends.


“The Washington Post writes about the hundreds (that’s hundreds) various secret agencies that have cropped up since 2001. The problem here are not the agencies but the fact that nobody has overall responsibility for all of them. In turn, this creates two other very serious problems; the first is that with so many agencies operating independently not only is overlap guaranteed but members of these agencies, willingly or not, also obstacolate each other and very likely take each other out. The second problem is that if an agency is secret then its financing must be too. If you have hundreds of secret agencies, then where are the funds going to come from? And here you begin to see why opium production has more than tripled in Afghanistan since we invaded that country…”

The third problem of course, and the most insidious I might add, is that if an agency is secret, how can anyone make sure they actually operate for the good of the people from whom they hold the ostensible mandate to operate? I mean we know security agencies are supposed to operate to the detriment of our “enemies” thus they operate to bring ill upon other people than their employers. But if nobody has overall responsibility for oversight of all these entities, who ensures that they bring ill only upon our enemies? Moreover, without an overarching overseer, who picks the bad guys these agencies should operate against?

This is true dictatorship.



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2 Responses to “Terrorism as a tool of state”

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    […] Moreover, poster Aasvogel on the Telegraph website (post of Sunday 31st October at about 9am GMT) googled the presumed terrorist in question Al-Awlaki whom according to Wikipedia is a well known character and whom post 9/11 was interviewed several times by the security services and whom, incidentally, was also invited to dinner by the same security services in order to give a talk about moderate Islam. And this, may I remind you, when it has now come to light that the Christmas bomber has been identified as a patsy of the US security services. […]

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