Blair receives human rights award…

Upon first reading the headline, for a fraction of a second I thought this was a spoof. You know; something along the lines of “The Onion” as I couldn’t imagine anyone would give an award for abusing human rights…

But, no, I was wrong. Apparently, if this article is to be believed, Tony Blair was awarded a human rights award and as you read through the article it is for “protecting” and promoting human rights and democratic principles… ????….

Like my wife Rula said: “Well, if Obama got a Nobel for peace…”. Indeed!

In a world where debt is glorified and encouraged, where savings are vilified and discouraged, where cronyism is defended and justified as the path to social and economic enlightenment, where preferential legal and accounting treatment is awarded to a select few, where personal liberties are steadily eroded by an increasingly obtrusive, autochratic and detached government, then what is the problem with awarding some for doing nothing but the opposite of what the award ostensibly stands for?

“His faith foundation is promoting religion as a powerful force for good and reconciliation,” Mr Clinton said. “Tony Blair believes that people of faith can be people of peace.”

And that is the reason he went along with the war in Iraq for example. Iraqis are a bunch of Godless heathens and a war would set them straight.  They do not deserve peace because only people of faith can be people of peace…. right? So lets teach these heretics some religion.

Liberty is not acquired by accident,” Mr Blair said. “It’s won by endeavour.

That it is! And no endeavor is more just and moral than wielding a gun to achieve religious enlightenment, peace, harmony and, of course, democracy.


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One Response to “Blair receives human rights award…”

  1. ducati998 Says:


    Come now, Tony’s one of our great Prime Ministers don’t you know, hell son he had Noel Gallegher come visit him at Downing St!

    jog on

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