On various (and more) absurdities… no news here

The Washington Post writes about the hundreds (that’s hundreds) various secret agencies that have cropped up since 2001. The problem here are not the agencies but the fact that nobody has overall responsibility for all of them. In turn, this creates two other very serious problems; the first is that with so many agencies operating independently not only is overlap guaranteed but members of these agencies, willingly or not, also obstacolate each other and very likely take each other out. The second problem is that if an agency is secret then its financing must be too. If you have hundreds of secret agencies, then where are the funds going to come from? And here you begin to see why opium production has more than tripled in Afghanistan since we invaded that country…

Anyway. This is even more evidence of the end of the inflationary cycle when government becomes the only and largest actor in the economy and becomes overbearing.


Of course, you will have heard by now that the war in Afghanistan is not going well. If you read this blog, this will not come as a surprise to you. Further evidence that the war is not going well can be gleaned by the reaction of the authorities. After nine years of a war whose aim continues to shift from one goal to another (the original goal was to capture Bin Ladin and … defeat Al Qaeda whatever Al Qaeda may be) now the authorities are more worried about who leaked the documents. So worried in fact they are that they are gearing up for a “robust ” internal investigation. And just to make sure the people don’t find the leaked documents to be anything else than an embarassing revelation, government propaganda assures us these documents don’t highlight anything new and are not that important…. which begs the question why they should have been classified in the first place and why the internal investigation should be “robust”. Maybe some of the investigative robustness could be channelled towards finding Bin Ladin…. ???

Then there is the news that the some inspector has found about $9 Billion missing from an Iraq fund. Of course, in the universe of figures bandied about nowadays in the press and on tv, nine billion barely registers in our minds anymore. Anyway, what is nine billion when already in 2001 some $2Trillion went missing from the pentagon budget? I bet you forgot about that bit of accounting hicup didn’t you?


But as we all know the search for that 2Trillion really went nowhere because then we had to go after Al Qaeda…

Here are more symptoms of an overbearing and necessarily touchy government that is in great need of strawmen to deflect the attention of the public:


Never in the civilized world have so many been locked up for so little

And so the wheel turns. I’m still traveling so I’ll add to my last posts as and when I have the possibility.

Careful whom you vote for now you hear?

Want more absurdities?


General Electric settles charges on Iraq kickback scheme – Company neither admits nor denies charges of shelling out illegal kickbacks; agrees to pay $23.4m settlement

Like a whole swathe of companies, GE has become the behemoth it has due to continued government interference and largesse over the years. As a result, GE, like for example GM, is nothing but a finance company that happens to produce some hardware. But other than these whimsical considerations, what is a $23 million dollars in fines when GE has peddled deals in the hundreds of billion?

Like the recent Goldman Sachs settlement “fine”, entities that benefit from government benevolence and largesse are “punished” by fines that are fractions of amounts they have extorted from society; our society as well as the peoples of other lands like Iraq.


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