Debt and demobilization… (Adrian Ash)

If you follow this blog you know that, so far, I expect global conflict by 2015 latest.

Here’s an interesting piece by Adrian Ash. The reason I find this note interesting is not so much for what it forecasts. It doesn’t forecast anything. The note merely observes a dynamic that is intimately related to the life cycle of inflation and sovereign debt.

In one of my previous posts, someone asked how I think a war could be financed at this point in time. Obviously, when you observe the graph at the link above, it is clear that financing isn’t the problem. If the people go along with the scam, a government can create the financing; and wars against foreign evils have a way of rallying people around the flag… regardless of the overwhelming evidence that a country’s own politicians have plundered and pillaged society to the tune of billions of Dollars.


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