Cost of the latest G20 and G8 meetings…

The bill came to Euro770Million… That’s about US$1Billion… That’s not a typo.

Predictably, the bulk of the expense went towards security. Which of course begs the question – with all their credentials and highly paid advisors how can our “leaders” not get the hint of popular sentiment? The masses want them out of the way one way or the other.

It is evident to me that if security is so tight and expensive, it means the people are not happy. It is the clearest no confidence vote I can think of.

But considering that security costs have been steadily escalating, I see no reason they will abate until our leaders change their ways – and the odds of that of course are next to nil –

Seriously, when you are so far detached from the reality of life and simple arithmetic, nothing short of a revolution can shake you awake.

Global conflict by 2013/2015 latest.


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