As absurdities go… (colonialism)

As I read today’s edition of The Telegraph, I am reminded yet again of the absurdity, the hypocrisy and the contradictions inherent in the life of a nation state. Ergo, the absurdity of the raison d’etat.

Apparently there is a controversial Algerian film being shown at the Cannes film festival that, predictably, presents the Algerian view of the war of independence against France. What the Algerians view as war of independence, the French view as terrorism hence the controversy.

The French case is interesting in that it is the last attempt of a Western power to perpetrate and perpetuate an archaic (primitive) form of foreign policy that WWII should have put to rest for good.

In a tragically ironic turn of events, here is a people whom having endured a brief period of Nazi occupation, fight to “liberate” their country and, the minute the Nazis march out of their borders, they find nothing better to do than to turn around and invade Algeria???? But wait, not content with having marched into Algeria in the mid 40s these guys double down and march into Indochina in 1947 (Viet Nam). That’s 1947 folks not two years after the official end of WWII… two years folks… not two decades or two centuries… two years; 24 months…

If this does not elicit a What The Fuck Were They Thinking moment, I don’t know what can.

And I am sure the French have a million reasons they can offer for having done what they did. But how can the irony be lost on them when at a time that they were still sobbing and sniveling about the nasty Nazis, they were already plotting on doing to others exactly what the Nazis were doing to them???

Right-wing politicians have accused [movie director] Bouchareb of distorting history in his emotionally-charged account of two Algerian brothers who are driven from their home by the French and grow up to fight in mainland France for the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN).”

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3 Responses to “As absurdities go… (colonialism)”

  1. ducati998 Says:


    But they’re damned froggies! We’ve been warning the world about them for at least, oh, 500yrs.

    jog on

  2. David W. Lincoln Says:

    It is one thing for another race to be the Master race. It is something else entirely when one race deems itself to dominate others.

  3. As absurdities go… (colonialism) « Guido's temple of the absurd | algertoday Says:

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