Marijuana prices tumbling

Longtime Humboldt resident Charley Custer tells National Public Radio that back in the early days of President Ronald Reagan‘s “War on Drugs,” locally grown marijuana was selling for as much as $5,000 a pound.

Now, pot farming is going mainstream. Legal distribution through medical marijuana dispensaries and a ballot initiative in November offering to make recreational use legal are creating a legitimate commodity. A flood of supply means prices have dropped considerably.

The only effective way to fight anything illegal is to legalize it and tax it. Human trafficking could similarly be brought under control by legalizing prostitution and brothels. Legalizing drugs and prostitution not only would clean up the trade thus cleaning up entire neighborhoods, but it would also take away the profit incentive that drives the criminal element.

But of course. The above presumes that government doesn’t actually have anything to gain from ,say, the drug trade… which begs the question why should opium production in Afghanistan have more than doubled since the invasion of Western troops…. things that make you go “hmmm!!”. If you are not going “hmmm!” then you need to read up on your history.

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