JHC!!! This sort of news on a Saturday is peculiar….


The country’s information minister stares down from billboards along Bangkok’s expressways, warning that “Bad websites are detrimental to society” and should be reported to a special hot line.”

Given the Patriot Acts and the Lisbon Treaty (which gave us a whole new layer of unelected – ergo unaccountable – politicians) how far behind can the West be on these tactics?


Thailand’s government warned protesters Saturday that more violence could erupt if the entrenched demonstrations that have paralyzed areas of the capital for nearly two months did not end soon.”

Apparently, the government feels it has run out of options and is playing its last card: military intervention. Do you remember that thing about the 3rd infantry, 1st brigade Combat Team that was deployed back to the US from Iraq…???… Things that make you go “hmmm”!!


Pakistan successfully test-fired two ballistic missiles Saturday capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the military said, as the Islamic nation’s leader urged the world to recognize it as a legitimate nuclear power.”

the bomb seems to the the latest in must have accessories… a bit like Hummers a few years back… only more aggressive….

Jeeez!!… I only sat at the computer to check the weather for tonight and I get slapped in the face with increasing posturing and aggressive rhetoric coming from all sides…

Oh yeah! And we’re out of dosh in the West… should make for interesting times much to the delight of our Chinese friends….


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