And here you go… (curtailing public spending as precursor to war)

As the now famous series of Curtailing Public Spending as Precursor to War on this blog progresses, poster “Eldorado” on the VOY forum brings this nugget to our attention:

Excerpt (emphasis added):

JEFFERSON — In the ongoing financial crisis in Ashtabula County, the Sheriff’s Department has been cut from 112 to 49 deputies.  With deputies assigned to transport prisoners, serve warrants and other duties, only one patrol car is assigned to patrrol the entire county of 720 square miles. […] Ashtabula County Common Pleas Judge Alfred Mackey was asked what residents should do to protect themselves and their families with the severe cutback in law enforcement. “Arm themselves,” the judge said. “Be very careful, be vigilant, get in touch with your neighbors, because we’re going to have to look after each other.

And that’s exactly the type of thing you don’t want to do when a crisis is developing. That’s because if the “authorities” should not be able to pull us out of this crisis anytime soon, not only will you have a lot of angry people on your hands but you’ll have a lot of angry people that are armed… not a good thing…

Now read the following article:


PHOENIX – The Arizona House voted Thursday to make the state the third in the nation to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit, sending the governor a bill that would allow Arizonans to forego background checks and classes that are now required.”

See! This is the thing. Events rarely happen in isolation. Rather, what happens is that a series of seemingly unrelated occurrences eventually coalesce into something greater than the sum of its parts.

As the economic crisis develops, tax revenue declines just at the time that social costs are rising. If at the same time the monetary authorities find it difficult to induce inflation into the system as is the case today then government has no choice but to curtail public services and, eventually, terminate some programs.

However, as the inevitable abuse of power, scandals and malfeasance gradually come to light (i.e. AIG, Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae, Lehman…) students, the unemployed, the destitute, the marginalized and then, eventually, the employed, the retired and the elderly will not take kindly to the new juncture.

So, before mobs start roaming the streets looking for some politician or banker to lynch, we’ll have us our war… the global one this one…because I can guarantee that no main stream politician in the West can ever even countenance the idea to take responsibility for what is happening. Much better to build straw men of evil foreigners and religious nuts that ostensibly threaten our liberty… so that when the shit hits the fan, we can just whip the mobs up into a murderous frenzy and pack them off to the front to fight for their presumably desirable way of life…

… and so the wheel turns…

Gold looking awfully alluring still and ever more…

A bon entendeur…

Eh! No sooner am I finished typing the above that AP reports the following:

I wish I was wrong but I have to tell you guys this. You better brush up on your self sufficiency skills… sooner rather than later…


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    […] Predictably, the bulk of the expense went towards security. Which of course begs the question – with all their credentials and highly paid advisors how can our “leaders” not get the hint of popular sentiment? The masses want them out of the way one way or the other. […]

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