Government employment (taxes)

I am on the road.

This from Business Insider asking to pass it on. Any employment achieved by sundry stimuli has been government employment. Government employee salaries are higher than in the private sector and the benefits are much higher. Government employees cannot be fired. For the first time ever, union members are more numerous in government than in the private sector.

Put it all together and it means higher taxes. However, in the absence of demand, higher taxes spell bankruptcy in the private sector.


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2 Responses to “Government employment (taxes)”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    My late brother in law was a member of the Cato Institute, and I remember
    reading a piece that pointed the economic finger as to why the Roman Empire collapsed. Taxes were too high, and people were very glad not to pay taxes to support what was unsustainable.

    Sound familiar?

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