WOAH…!!! (Greece and the rest of the Western world)

Here we go folks….


From 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons and businesses, or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards


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4 Responses to “WOAH…!!! (Greece and the rest of the Western world)”

  1. David W. Lincoln Says:

    I hear you, Guido about politicians conjuring something up to maintain a modicum of political control. But, the message can be communicated that these politicians fouled things up so badly that their credibility is worse than the credibility of the “Brezhnev era apparatchik” referred to by Daniel Hannan in the EU Parliament roughly a year ago.

    • guidoamm Says:

      hence the reason for this blog and many other similar to it…. spread the word…. there is no bogey man overseas… the bogeyman is at home and it is entirely of our own making…

  2. David W. Lincoln Says:

    According to AEP’s recent columns, that isn’t good enough for Brussels.

    Therefore, let Greece wave bye-bye to the EU, and join with its neighbours going north all the way to Northern Estonia, and launch an amalgam with a common currency, common defense policy, and common foreign policy (with home rule covering everything else). This amalgam, with two other amalgams (one being the successful countries of the British Commonwealth using the same template, and the other being the Asian tigers, and the same template for all three), under the Alliance of Democracies.

    That way, Brussels, the UN, the IMF, and the World Bank can be jettisoned.

    • guidoamm Says:

      you are dealing with main stream politicians… thus creative solutions are out of the question… weak states need the EU more than the EU needs them… purely by the logic of arithmetic, if anyone state should quit the union it would be the states that are in stronger economic and fiscal order… I’d say Germany for example… either way, whether Greece sucks it up and stays or whether, as you suggest, they should break away and create a new axis, the dislocation will/would be such (for Greece and for other members too) that the politicians would still need to create a diversion in order to keep a modicum of political control… a world war would still be the likely solution…

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