And you guys think these people can’t do it again?…

A secret letter was dramatically declassified midway through the hearings showed that Jack Straw, the then-foreign secretary, told his chief legal adviser that he was being “dogmatic” by warning that war would be illegal.

In what was described as a highly unusual move, Mr Straw wrote to Sir Michael, a renowned expert in international law, boasting that while home secretary he had ignored official legal advice “time and time again”.

The inquiry also heard that Lord Goldsmith, the then-Attorney General, changed his mind over the space of a week about the legality of the war after being ordered during a meeting chaired by Tony Blair to “reflect further”.”

Wilmshurst was unequivocal in her assessment of this dismissiveness. Not only were the views of the attorney general, Wood and herself disregarded, she also revealed not a single legal adviser within the Foreign Office believed the war to be legal. Her evidence chimed with the overwhelming wisdom in the community of international public lawyers – not one of whom has come out in favour of the government’s position.

La raison d’etat is a powerful driver particularly within the context of a fiat monetary system whose evolution is known beforehand.

The reasons given can be varied and colorful. Some country harbors terrorists; another country affords no democracy to its people; another country is plotting against freedom in other countries; some country has a nuclear weapon; a country oppresses women…

Other than to say that mirrors are conspicuous by their apparent absence in the West, all you need to do is follow the money. More precisely, follow the efficiency of money; and let me tell you that the efficiency of the US$ as contemplated in current economic thought is just not hacking it.

FRED Graph

Due to the magic of floating exchange rates, what happens in the USA and in particular to the US$ affects all of us around the globe. So what do you do when your debts are spiralling upwards but the value of your assets is dropping like a stone AND your revenues are dwindling? You engineer a war of course.


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