So now Obama wants to do something about the banks?…

One year into his presidency, it is difficult to form an opinion of Obama the man.

He clearly reneged on a whole bunch of campaign promises and has proved hapless both in economics as in international politics. He’s pandered to unions and special interests to the detriment of corporate law and the rest of society (unions only employ a fraction of the total labor force). He is perpetuating the expansion of the police state and the de-fangling of the constitution as well as perpetuating a culture of justified war and torture…

… and now he wants to do something about the banks…???

Is President Obama a patsie, a useful idiot, genuinely naive… or has he had an epiphany… or does he have a cunning plan… ??

Why such populism hours after the Democrats lost Massachuset? Particularly in light of the fact that the Republican winner appears to be making noises in the direction of Democrats with regards to Health Care reform… ???

So many questions so few rational answers…



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