How can stimulus not show up in official data? (another sneaky pete – zero hedge)

No need to rehash all the unorthodox, thus untested, plans our monetary authorities and our politicians have devised and foisted upon us in the past 12 months. Here is something very recent that I am sure all but a handful of people have heard about.

Hat tip to Zero Hedge for their vigilance.

How can anyone think that giving $30Billion to Fannie or Freddie is not a cost to the taxpayer is beyond me.  Considering that Fannie and Freddie have already received public funds to the tune of several hundred Billions (with a B and that is “hundreds” as in well over 300) it is clear the taxpayer has already paid an obscene amount. But beyond anything else, Fannie and Freddie are entities that have already collapsed financially. Fannie, I will remind you, is that entity that not two years after the Enron debacle was unable to publish its books for a period of 18 months!!?? 18 months in order to be able to put together accounting books that would look acceptable??? And this from an entity that by itself propped up well over a third of the entire US housing market??? And nobody thought something may be up???

But even if nobody thought something may be up, purely from the point of view that this one company was the main pillar of the several Trillion dollars real estate market, one would think that the accounting regulatory authorities may have taken a keener interest in how they did what they did?

All the above not withstanding, I still cannot understand why anyone should want to return to a rate of inflation resembling anything like we’ve experienced in the recent past. I can see how it is vital for government to re-ignite inflation but for the life of me I cannot understand how/why the general public has not woken up to this con yet.


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