Getting one’s priorities right

I can understand that most people in their every day lives can find this blog a bit far fetched and somehow a bit out there. Most people have more immediate concerns and are so deeply involved in their daily routines to be able to zoom out of their lives in order to survey the land and get a broader perspective. It’s fine. That’s why we have elected officials. That’s their job. Once officials are aware of a situation, it is their job to then filter the information to the rest of the population. That’s an integral part of the concept of “fiduciary duty”.

So it is today, that our elected officials appear to still hold in very high regard the concept of fiduciary duty as they fret and wring their hands and declare that:

Two Senators favour punishing US officials for security failures in failed Christmas bomb plot

Now, I am going to digress here for a moment. I am going to play devil’s advocate.

You would think that the “goal” of a terrorist organization would be to succeed. If you are to spread terror throughout the land and in foreign lands, your aim would be to carry out successful operations to their logical conclusion which, presumably for a terrorist organization, is to inflict casualties.

In order to carry out operations successfully, you implement strategies that take into account your enemy’s defenses. And, if you have fewer resources at your disposal than your adversary (as terrorists always do because otherwise they would not be such), chances are that busting through the front gate is not necessarily the best way to go about things. That is, why bother trying to get through the most fortified and secured building when you can easily find hundreds of other targets that would inflict a far higher casualty rate and where the chances of success are far higher?

More specifically, why would any terrorist “organization” want to still try to board any airliner from a Western airport?

So, at a time when our governments have variously appropriated public funds against the will of the people, and shoveled said funds to prop up financial institutions willingly protecting bondholders capital thus in one fell swoop rendering hundreds of years of commercial law moot; when our governments have nationalized failed financial institutions that had been clearly failing for well over a decade and, though nationalized, are not being reformed and, instead, are being encouraged to do more of what they have done for the past ten years; when our governments ram down our throats new legislation that dismantles entire swathes of democratic mechanisms in favor of creating a new political layer that is unelected (Lisbon treaty); when our governments have clearly become the single largest actors in the economy with the moral ramifications that entails; when our governments seem to have lost any sense of moral or fiduciary duty and are hell bent on militarism abroad as well as at home; when our governments…

That’s right! We should punish those officials that allowed some hapless simpleton slip through security on one airplane.

That’s really important now isn’t it.

Oh! And since we’re at it, lets also expand the war in Yemen so that flying will finally become safe for our citizens.


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